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APPRENTICESHIP 20.16 .. 20.17 .. and surely beyond the future too

and now .. .. .. as it is .. .. .. my Dearest Mentor of "The Munay-Ki"(Munay is Love Ki is energy) and so much more and certainly one of my few most amazing, loyal and trusted friend .. .. .. the integrity based and truth devoted Piera Fumagalli has ended her Earth Walk.

Megwich my Piera .. .. .. Megwich ~ I am certain beyond life itself that you have done far more for me than I will ever be able to do for you.Thank you for teaching me, loving me and for showing me some of the most sincere respect that I've known in this life time. I pledge to you. My human self mourns you. My spirit self is grateful that your suffering is over. My SOUL holds you now as we are eternal.

Sohanna .. .. .. .. .. .. departure time noted on the Full Moon.

If I am not living to serve then I am not living or serving.

This has come from The Creator Counsel to me many times, clearly. I've been procrastinating and as I procrastinate I am not serving.

For you .. .. .. FEEL into this and align it within yourself. Promote your own all that is, all that you know and all that you trust. I would be honored to be of loving service. Initially, after you FEEL into this simply contact me and let me know you are inspired to grow, as an apprentice guided by my 20+ years of experience as a Middle Being for The Creator Source.

Share with me as you are called. We need you to rise up now, but not as much as you need you to rise up. You know that you are the one that we are waiting for.

Losing John Trudell and David Bowie in what feels like light speed, I wouldn't be who I am if not for them and a few others. Trudell showed me how to be a word warrior. Bowie gave me permission to come and go from other worlds.

It may seem strange that I measure significant bits of myself by these two beings. It is simple. I was the baby child in a family that decided before I arrived that "a good little girl is a quiet little girl". Written word was my truth told and into my adult life Trudell became a deity and a friend to me. The extensions of being an "awakened one" and a lover of the freedom portals of dreams, with beings like Bowie showing themselves here on Earth, well .. .. ..

Sohanna .. .. ..


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