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The Ultra Beings ~

Ultra: going beyond others or beyond due limit.

Beings: the state or quality of having existence, the totality of all things that exist, the qualities constituting one that exists; the essence, the basic or essential nature; personality.

Since July of 2001 and my first direct contact from the Pleiadian's (that I did in fact do my very best to disregard for as long as possible),  I now work directly with a highly evolved, lovingly resolved Source collective group that I call "The Ultra Beings", including but not limited to the Pleiadian's.

I so enjoy addressing the questions asked about my calling here on Earth. I am working and growing into all that I am in my calling. I love to watch the expressions on the faces when I say that I communicate as a messenger, as an Ultra Being for a large group counsel, the counsel of my Soul. When I state this to others I see responses as everything from an eased lean forward to a large step back in the people that I answer.

For now, for ease and comprehension and  thanks to the good ol' basics of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary I offer the above definitions.

I am an Ultra Being,  recognized by some as a "First Line Indigo", an "Over Soul", an early arrival "6th Species Hybrid" and so on. I was born in the mid-west, from very "interesting" middle class hard working parents and some pretty weird siblings that seem to know that I'm the weird one. I've grown to be so respectful of the trust that LOVE has in me, that I am unable to aim at being anything less than an Ultra Being. It's so much more interesting this way.

YOU are an Ultra Being too if you want to be. Read the definition again.

This is a sketch of me, that I drew in my dream journal in 2013. The dream was about me returning to a ship receiving platform. I had returned from an individual flight out to another ship to offer and collect data pertaining to some changes in a few exterior sector planets and the potential consequences to any living inhabitant on the exterior sector planets.

I had returned to my ship for ET-CCO (Exterior Travel -Chief Command Officer)  decompression and energy clearing and revitalization balancing before reporting my experience to "The Creator Source Counsel".

I friggin' LOVE the dream REALm.

Sohanna .. .. ..

a.k.a. Commander Kria - at your (loving) service.

PS - when I was a little girl I used to dream that my guardian angel was a woman with deep green eyes that had no hair. I find it amazing that as a little girl I dreamed of myself in the future.

The Dreamers of the New Dawn - The New Day

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       Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
              Sohanna .. .. .. a SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
        The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "

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