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THE ORIGIN MEDICINES of energy . guidance . intelligence . truth . and magic

Cerebral Cranial Activation Sessions & Anointing ~ These sessions are a gift from The Creator Source. This way is a significant part of what is being handed to us now. I am grateful that The Creator Source has handed them to me to share with you. I have been guided to the alchemy ways of blending Universal Life Force and Live Source energy with Craniosacral Therapy and Auricular (ears) Reflexology. This blend is what some have said is similar to an ancient healing way known as Tibetan Skull Moving.

This combined healing support is hosted intuitively by me while guided by The Creator Source through me to you the recipient. These sessions are profound yet subtle in their ways and they offer a potential for an evolution on all levels of being. The emotional, mental, physical and spiritual of the recipient may align and reorganize as it is meant to be. The recipient may open to a clearer recognition of their innate and instinctive, intellectual and intuitive ways.

12% - 20% of our mind (that we use while going an average sunrise to sunrise) has difficulty in trying to conceptualizing the potential of the "Cerebral Cranial Activation" sessions. During these sessions the cooperation of The Creator Source, (me) healing supporter on your behalf and you will work together to begin to turn on the greater ways of your mind during these sessions.

Anointing ~ This part of the session calls in your great "Soul Self" memory. Sacred symbols and geometric patterns are used to awaken you to your unique "Soul Design" or "Blue Print". The anointing is done with "The Sacred Oils of the Chrism". This blend is humbling and radically expansive to share just a few words that have been said about it. The oil is a propitiatory blend and it is not for sale.

Intuitive Counsel Sessions ~ Dedication to you is the pathway into each session, for each client to be in direct connection with energy, guidance, intelligence and truth. I counsel and read the recipients Highest Self to ease a connection to the now moment, to bring the recipient to an empowered alignment. With the greater clarity from the session the recipient may then go forward acknowledging deeper presence and rejuvenated desires for a greater journey ahead.

I've been offering readings and counsel for over 20 years and I've always held a focus that brings a substantial amount of information forward. I am very direct and use a strength of clarity that offers reorganization of significant aspects of life. All intuitive counsel sessions are filled with details for positive guidance, supporting recognition of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspect of recipient.

I am an intuitive "Body Reader”, similar to the practice of a "medical intuitive".  From two decades of study of the human anatomy (the human anatomy is miraculous) and for my work with different healing modalities body reading comes naturally to me. For you "Body Reading" provides you with guidance and suggestions to assist you in reorganize and strengthening your physical body for greater health and vitality. This "Body Reading" is not an escape route however, the recipient MUST do their part, their work and honor themselves accordingly.

Intuitive Counsel and ways with energy healing, and breathing practice are offered in person and by *phone. Please call to schedule all sessions or should you have any questions that you would like direct and timely answers to.

Transactions - Reciprocity

Healing Support Sessions ~ as a Sacred Way to support the recipient in bringing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being into alignment and agreement while utilizing an endless flow of Universal Life Force and Living Source Energy.

in "A, B, C" order

Anointing ~ Anointing calls in your great "Soul Self" memory. Symbols and geometric patterns are used to awaken you to your unique "Soul Design" or "Blue Print". The anointing is done with "The Sacred Oils of the Chrism". Chrism is a Hebrew/Greek word meaning "an anointing" or "consecrated oil". The Origin Medicines - A Violet Fig has been blessed to create this blend after over 10 years of questing from my intuitive Soul Self's nose. I spent endless hours researching to satisfy the 12% chatter brain that said I must have backup. This blend is humbling and radically expansive to mention just a few statement words that have been said about it. The oil is as designated by The Creator Source to be (to date) my only propitiatory blend and I am not to share the full ingredients of the blend and I am not to sell this oil.

Body Balancing ~ The recipient gets a lot to healing support during this session. This session is set with intention for the highest good, for a great way of healing, all healing of primarily the physical (anatomical) body and spiritual being. When the physical body is stronger and more supported all other healing needs can become more easily established. I have studied anatomy for 20 years and with the ways I work with and sense/SEE energy I can help to guide you to greater physical body healing. From this session you will gain greater comprehension of your physical nature and its desire for full vitality. The best of all else that you are, comes close along with the best of physical health that you can achieve.

Chakra Clearing, Restructuring & Reconnecting ~ This healing support session offers a combined practice of Universal Living Source energy, *KorManu, the Munay-Ki along with other Sacred Ways of cleansing and restoring the chakra/energy body to restore the full potential of the chakras. Once cleansed and restored to vitality, the chakras are then set one with the other. The revitalized energy core is then set to the aura.

KorManu - "Blue Ray" healing energy is infused into all sessions. 

Vital Breath ~ Vital Life Sessions ~ These sessions are guided and tranquil, meditative, interactive breath work, supported by Universal Living Source and its healing energy. The finest essential oils used in each session. This is not a common breath work session. Together we set attention to and intentions on the breath to fully open the lungs.  We then design the breath to fascinate the mind. The mind processes on a completely different level during this breathing way and your innate healing desires takes over from there.

Deep Breath is Deep Life - Shallow Breath is Shallow Life .. .. .. what kind of life do you want?

Combination Half Day & Full Day Packages
~ Half day (4 hours) and full day (8 Hours) packages are available and easy to set up for you, as long as we have advanced notice. The full day package includes nutritious, fortifying and delicious all organic vegetarian snacks, lunch and beverages. These combination packages are designed with you at heart and mind, they treat you to what you desire to go forward with greater clarity, deeper calm and with stronger understanding of your own healing and soon to be healed ways. Please feel free to call for more information. 

  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.

      Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
             Sohanna .. .. .. a SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
        The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "

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